How to Successfully Complete a Whole30

as an


Your Highest Self Coaching

Laura Heath, Certified Whole30 Coach, Registered Pharmacist, Certified Health Coach, Certified Life Coach

Upcoming Session Wed Aug 24th at 7:30 pm EST


What will you learn?

Find out whether you are READY to tackle a Whole30

You want to do a Whole30, but you aren't sure if you are capable. You're afraid of failure & full of self-doubt.

Leave this webinar confident in your decision about whether the time is right for you to do a Whole30.

Believe in your ability. Learn how to successfully complete your Whole30 as an emotional eater.

Meet your host

Certified Advanced Level Whole30 Coach Laura Heath specializes in coaching emotional eaters

Join this free 1-hour session that will help you confidently decide whether now is a good time for you to complete a Whole30. If you identify as an emotional eater, Laura empathizes with you as you journey toward Food Freedom. She will help you decide whether you should do the September Whole30 and give you tips on how to successfully navigate your way through planning, completion, reintroduction & food freedom.


Laura Heath B.Sc.Phm RPh

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When you learn how to be uncomfortable temporarily, you get the benefit of being comfortable

long-term in your body. That's the ultimate FOOD FREEDOM for an emotional eater.

August 24th

7:30 pm EST

1 hour


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Benefits of joining this webinar


You will have clarity around whether now is the right time for you to commit to a Whole30

You will learn how the transformation is worth the temporary discomfort of getting started.


Webinar registrants will receive exclusive access to our Sept Whole30 with a special discount.

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"Laura's teaching is life-changing. I'm amazed with how much I've learned about emotional eating and how to create a food plan that really works long term"

April Caudill

Whole30 and Food Freedom Graduate

"Laura’s teaching & leadership style really speaks to me unlike anybody else. Her examples are from her own life. She doesn’t sugar coat reality or censor the information. Her teachings include compassion, forgiveness & humor! "

Kim Doss

Whole30 and Food Freedom Graduate

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Join us on August 24th

7:30 pm EST