45 Day Transformative Coaching Program designed to lead you into


You deserve PERMANENT FOOD FREEDOM. Here it is...




If you came here after completing your September Whole30, and now you REALLY, TRULY want to sustain PERMANENT FOOD FREEDOM, but you're not sure where to start, then you're in the right place!

Do you identify as an emotional eater?


How do I know? Because I used to be in your shoes! I WAS JUST LIKE YOU.

I used willpower to fight my way through every Whole30, and then by about Day 35 I had lost everything that I had worked so hard to gain during my program. What was I doing wrong???

Well, a few life lessons, specialized training in the psychology of emotional eating, and a few amazing groups of Whole30ers who identify as emotional eaters transforming their lives under my belt, and I've finally got the answers!

If we haven't met before my name is Laura Heath and I'm a Registered Pharmacist, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Certified Life Coach AND ADVANCED LEVEL CERTIFIED WHOLE30 COACH who helps emotional eaters heal their relationship with food.

Welcome to "Food Freedom Forever exclusively for Emotional Eaters", run by Laura Heath of "Your Highest Self Coaching". This online program has been designed FOR YOU!

  • For all the times that you said you were doing your "LAST" Whole30
  • For all the times you expressed frustration in finding Food Freedom on your own
  • For all the times you threw up your hands, gave up and just ate the damn cake

You took back control of your relationship with food. You pushed the "reset" button with your health, your habits, and your relationship with food.

And now you want to feel happy, confident and in control of your food.

THIS is the program to get you there.

"Food Freedom Forever EXCLUSIVELY for Emotional Eaters" starts on October 16, 2022

Grab your spot NOW! Space is limited!

(Price $249 USD)

How this works

You will get daily access to your coach inside of a Private Facebook Group. You will work with a like-minded group of women who identify as emotional eaters, and who are ready to find Food Freedom too!

Your Whole30 Coach will deliver video content, live teaching, and written support to lead you through this life-changing experience.

Exclusive to this program will be five small-group intensive coaching sessions LIVE on Zoom specific to the real-life challenges you are facing, with actionable coaching that will permanents change your relationship with food.

*PLAN your calendar*

all calls are at 7 pm EST

  • Zoom Call #1 - Sun, Oct 16th - CRAFTING YOUR FOOD FREEDOM PLAN
  • Zoom Call #2 - Sun, Oct 23th - HUNGER & MINDFUL EATING
  • Zoom Call #3 - Sun, Oct 30th - SLIP UPS & SELF-SABOTAGE
  • Zoom Call #4 - Sun, Nov 6th - WEIGHT LOSS
  • Zoom Call #5 - Sun, Nov 13th - UNPACKING YOUR BACKPACK

Advanced Level Certified Whole30 Coach and Program Creator

Laura Heath B.Sc.Phm. RPh

"The Whole30 Program helped me to change my relationship with food, and that has given me "food freedom". The Whole30 was the missing piece on my journey to recovery from emotional eating." Using my training in the psychology of emotional eating I learned how to STAY in FOOD FREEDOM PERMAMENTLY without using willpower or restrictive dieting.

Laura Heath is an Advanced Level Certified Whole30 Coach. She is also a Registered Pharmacist, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Wellness Life Coach. In addition, Laura was awarded the Leadership in Health Coaching Award from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She has specialty certification in both the psychology of emotional eating, and it gut health!

Laura knows the FOOD FREEDOM that comes with completion of a Whole30 firsthand. By identifying food triggers and quashing her cravings, she was able to heal her relationship with food. And you can do the same.

Laura has successfully coached hundreds of Whole30 participants through their Whole30 program with a unique focus on EMOTIONAL EATING. These groups have had so much success on their journey in healing their relationship with food that they ASKED FOR A CONTINUATION PROGRAM, and so Food Freedom Forever was born!

FOOD FREEDOM FOREVER EXCLUSIVELY FOR EMOTIONAL EATERS IS CHANGING LIVES! If you identify as an emotional eater, and you want to know how to STAY in Food Freedom after completing your Whole30, then this coaching program is for you!

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Don't you deserve to live as "Your Highest Self"?

Anyone can muscle through 30 days of a Whole30 program using sheer willpower, but the problem is that your results will not be sustainable. I am here to teach you how to find a place of balance and the feeling of being in control of your food for the first time in a long time. Welcome to FOOD FREEDOM FOREVER!